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Research, Development & Innovation for Big Data with Competitive Intelligence, Cyber Security & Economic Growth Tools.


Increasing the factors of innovation 


Finding the solutions by or through only innovative means available in the universe under sustainability circumstances 


Research, Conclude & Innovate


Our Strategy is to meet the vision, mission, and values to satisfy the
customer’s goals to scale up the businesses by meeting deadlines,
stratifying the cost, management & budget under sustainable &
innovative real time operations


Green Hats Technologies Sdn Bhd, is research & development company based in Malaysia with awards status of MSC ( Multimedia Super Corridor) by Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation, in Big Data & Competitive Intelligence

#RDI Project

Research, Development & Innovation is the study work which has been carried out under “Green Hats Technologies Sdn Bhd”.

The purpose of this educational activities is to gather information and data as center of knowledge hub available to improve, share and educate about elements and factors listed below:

1. Political Leadership & Harmonies (Transparency, Accountability and Justice)

2. Economic Reforms (Empowerment)

A. Economic Enhancement, Advancement & Empowerment Tools

B. Economic Monitoring & Countermeasures

C. Digital Economy

D. Economic Trending (#Halal, #Kosher, #Halal-Vegetarian, #Kosher-Vegetarian etc.,)

E. Economic Prosperity Factors & Agreements [ integrated economy]

F. Future Economy & Strategies

G. Peace & Harmony (Interfaith, Ahli Kitab [Judaism, Christianity, Islam] Religious Harmony, IntraFaith)

H. Women Empowerment (Tech, Business, High Skills) – Global Empowerment Program

3. Social Research for Improvement (Welfare & Prosperity)

4. Technological Transformation (Disruptive Technologies and Application)

5. Take Action On Issues (Girls & Women, Health. Education, Finance & Innovation, Food & Hunger, Water & Sanitation, Environment, Citizenship)

6. Decision Making (Using all above factors)

by creating CIR (Competitive Intelligence Reports) or Analysis (BigData) through the resources available (Green Hats Technologies’ strategical tools) for public & research purposes

Software development

#BigData #IoT #Virtualization #CloudComputing #SpiritualizationVsVirtualization #CyberSecurity #CompetitiveIntelligence #ArtificialIntelligence #BusinessIntelligence #AugmentedReality #VirtualReality #MixReality 

Focus on Big Data with Competitive Intelligence solutions to enhance capabilities, e-branding, e-lobbying for organizations etc.

OBYU, Suite11.01, Level 11 No. 4, Jalan PJU 8/8A Damansara Perdana 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia



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